Meet the Boyz

“The JukeBox Boyz have a wonderfully diverse set list!”
— Talent Booking, Morgan Hill Wine Club

Chris Del Norte - Guitar/Vocals

Chris del Norte first learned to play guitar at the age of 12 from his free-spirited Uncle Manny and learned to sing throughout his childhood from a combination of vocal lessons, family karaoke, and musical theater. He has played in numerous ensembles ranging from a band in Beijing, China to an array of duet performances. In his free time Chris enjoys sleeping, writing poetry and songs, and taking on the challenges of trivia, video gaming, and long-distance running, preferably in the company of family & friends.

Rick Gray - Bass Guitar

Rick started his musical career at an early age, playing in bands in the Flint Michigan local area. He started out pursuing broadcasting as a career, but music was his passion. When the Beatles first came on the scene, people told him, "You would do well in music: you look like Paul McCartney!"  Like Paul McCartney, Rick has traveled across the United States playing in bands for a number of years, playing bass, guitar, vibes, flute and more.

Mark Waxman - Drums

Mark comes from a very musical family and first started learning piano at 5 years old. At 10, he took to drumming and never looked back. Mark has played competitive precision percussion, orchestral, rock and jazz for decades. When not playing he enjoys contemporary art, cars, motorcycles and enjoying food and wine with friends.